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Andrew Wonder is also a Comedy Stage Hypnotist!

Get ready to laugh so hard it hurts! You and your guests get to be the STARS of the show!

Perfect for Corporate, High Schools and College Parties, and even Family Get-Togethers!

Also perfect for groups large or small.


All Shows Include Everything You Need - Just Provide the Space and the Guests!

Comedy Hypnosis shows start at $500!


Private house parties with just a handful of your favorite people? Perfect!

Backyard party with a few more! Awesome!

Comedy Hypnosis shows are a great fit to compliment your already amazing party!


Church event, company party, or family reunion? Whether 20 or 200 - we guarantee your event will be memorable and fun!

Your entire audience will be in stitches watching their friends and family act out the movie they are seeing in their heads!


Festival, Fair, or other large Outdoor Gathering? Great! Even with very large crowds, your Comedy Hypnosis show will be a hit!

Hypnosis is super fun to watch - but even more fun to be a part of!

Call us today!

Always happy to customize a party that works best for you! Let us know any questions you have, and let us show you how easy we can make this for you!

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