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Get ready to take an amazing adventure into the exciting world of magic. Learn how to make things appear, read people's minds, and even make objects levitate. More importantly, kids learn how to put down their electronic devices, interact with others, and make new friends.

Discover Magic students go home confident and ready to share what they have learned with family and friends. Plus, each magic trick reinforces a critical life skill that goes way beyond the magic.

Each lesson comes with a custom high quality magic prop, top secret file folder, and a special secret word to unlock bonus instructional videos in the online video vault.

There are four courses, each with completely different magic tricks and a unique focus, and all four courses reinforce the exact same 8 traits: A true magician is: Respectful, Prepared, Enthusiastic, Confident, Humble, Creative, Authentic, and Giving. Much like different colored karate belts, students earn a different colored graduation wand and a certificate of advancement after completing each course.

This life changing program builds self confidence and develops critical communication skills in a fun and unique way that is guaranteed to unlock your child's potential and impact the rest of their life!


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Learn how to read people’s minds, make money appear out of nowhere and travel through time with a magic bandana just to name a few.
Learn how to cut a lady in half, give your friends super hero powers and make invisible objects appear in a magic pencil pouch and more.
Learn how to teleport objects across the room, find hidden magical treasures and levitate a cup of popcorn and plently of other amazing feats.
Learn how to control an alien block, unlock a bar of gold from a magical vault, and travel forward in time to predict a selected card.

What Else Makes Our Program Special?

Amazing custom tricks you can't find anywhere else
Incredible top secret file folders with bonus magic
Hands-on learning and fun team-building games
Learn the 8 traits of a true magician
Passwords to the video vault full of tips and tricks 
Special advancement wands and certificates


Discover Magic is filled with surprises from custom coins to cards with hidden secrets in them. There is always something to spark the imagination and not only help kids discover magic, but unlock their potential.

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