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Real Magic Words

The Words You Use ARE Important!

We have created the most amazing program for your school!

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It starts with our fun school assembly or after school family event that emphasizes what REAL magic words can do! In this preemptive approach, we cover anti-bullying without ever using the word bully - and suicide prevention by learning the importance of being kind to others. This assembly was created with the message first - and then the magic was created to tie it all together.  

Each month we will come back to your school and spend 5 - 7 minutes in each class covering the 'Power Word' for the month. You will be amazed at how much the kids retain - because of the memories that magic creates! We also provide you with some incredible vinyl posters to proudly hang in your building - providing even more talking point opportunities about the importance of the words we use.

Finally, an end of year reward assembly or after school family night for your kids and families where we recognize the achievements of the year and encourage further learning - all while having a BUNCH of fun with magic!

Each piece of this program is individualized for you and your school, and guarantees involvement from your students. Kids LOVE to learn magic, and magic helps retain all of the other teaching that surrounds it. Teaching through magic has even been proven to help those with minor learning disabilities and challenges. Pairing magic and learning has also shown significant increases in participation from both the students and the family.

This entire program focuses on creating confidence, respect, and empathy in children. You will see a difference in them as they start to focus more on not only what they say, but how they say it.

Words are full of power - they are Powerful! The magic of words is REAL!

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Hands-On Learning

When you put the magic in a child's hands, they never forget the moment (or what was really being taught!) The magic of words is REAL! Book us for a magical day at your school or event!

School Enrichment Programs

Our school assemblies and after school enrichment programs all provide multiple opportunities to showcase how words are powerful - and important in their usage. You will be amazed at the retention of the message - because it is MAGIC!

Family Fun Day

What is better than a day of magic? A day of magic with the WHOLE family! Our after school Family Days are perfect for the entire community!

Magic creates a focus and perseverance in
children like you have 
never seen
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